Web Structure Mining – Data mining

Web structure mining, one of three categories of web mining for data, is a tool used to identify the relationship between Web pages linked by information or direct link connection. This structure data is discoverable by the provision of web structure schema through database techniques for Web pages. This connection allows a search engine to pull data relating to a search query directly to the linking Web page from the Web site the content rests upon. This completion takes place through use of spiders scanning the Web sites, retrieving the home page, then, linking the information through reference links to bring forth the specific page containing the desired information.

Structure mining uses minimize two main problems of the World Wide Web due to its vast amount of information. The first of these problems is irrelevant search results. Relevance of search information become misconstrued due to the problem that search engines often only allow for low precision criteria. The second of these problems is the inability to index the vast amount if information provided on the Web. This causes a low amount of recall with content mining. This minimization comes in part with the function of discovering the model underlying the Web hyperlink structure provided by Web structure mining.

The main purpose for structure mining is to extract previously unknown relationships between Web pages. This structure data mining provides use for a business to link the information of its own Web site to enable navigation and cluster information into site maps. This allows its users the ability to access the desired information through keyword association and content mining. Hyperlink hierarchy is also determined to path the related information within the sites to the relationship of competitor links and connection through search engines and third party co-links.
This enables clustering of connected Web pages to establish the relationship of these pages.
On the WWW, the use of structure mining enables the determination of similar structure of Web pages by clustering through the identification of underlying structure. This information can be used to project the similarities of web content. The known similarities then provide ability to maintain or improve the information of a site to enable access of web spiders in a higher ratio. The larger the amount of Web crawlers, the more beneficial to the site because of related content to searches.

In the business world, structure mining can be quite useful in determining the connection between two or more business Web sites. The determined connection brings forth a useful tool for mapping competing companies through third party links such as resellers and customers. This cluster map allows for the content of the business pages placing upon the search engine results through connection of keywords and co-links throughout the relationship of the Web pages. This determined information will provide the proper path through structure mining to improve navigation of these pages through their relationships and link hierarchy of the Web sites.

With improved navigation of Web pages on business Web sites, connecting the requested information to a search engine becomes more effective. This stronger connection allows generating traffic to a business site to provide results that are more productive. The more links provided within the relationship of the web pages enable the navigation to yield the link hierarchy allowing navigation ease. This improved navigation attracts the spiders to the correct locations providing the requested information, proving more beneficial in clicks to a particular site.

Therefore, Web mining and the use of structure mining can provide strategic results for marketing of a Web site for production of sale. The more traffic directed to the Web pages of a particular site increases the level of return visitation to the site and recall by search engines relating to the information or product provided by the company. This also enables marketing strategies to provide results that are more productive through navigation of the pages linking to the homepage of the site itself.
To truly utilize your website as a business tool web structure mining is a must.